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ATS Automatic Transfer Switch System

                             ATS control module

                             Automatic Transfer Switch Control Module. The module features 8-Bit microprocessor
                             control. The module is used to monitor two 3-phase AC supply. Once I# AC supply
                             failure is detected (under voltage,over voltage,miss phase), The module Automatically
                             transfer the switch to II# AC supply,  and control generator to start.

          ATS Switch

          Single coil & double shafts driver Two switch positions 40-200A, Three switch positions 250-4000A.50,000 electric
          switch times,  250,000 mechanical switch times.Used for resistance load 40-200A,  inductance load 250-4000A.

          Specification Datas
            ATS Model   Rate Current  4P ATS Switch Model  Control Module  ATS Box  Dimension (mm)   Weight (kg)
            ATS1-40A      40A         V61WES4F40A          HY220        ATS1        400×260×570         17.5
            ATS1-63A      63A         V61WES4F63A          HY220        ATS1        400×260×570         17.5
            ATS1-100A     100A        V61WES4F100A         HY220        ATS1        400×260×570         17.5
            ATS1-125A     125A        V62WE4F125A          HY220        ATS1        400×260×570          20
            ATS1-160A     160A        V62WE4F160A          HY220        ATS1        400×260×570          20
            ATS1-200A     200A        V62WE4F200A          HY220        ATS1        400×260×570          20
            ATS2-250A     250A        V64WE4F250A          HY220        ATS2       600×355×1100          46
            ATS2-320A     320A        V64WE4F320A          HY220        ATS2       600×355×1100          46
            ATS2-400A     400A        V64WE4F400A          HY220        ATS2       600×355×1100          46
            ATS3-630A     630A        V66WN4F630A          HY220        ATS3       800×500×1500         140
            ATS3-800A     800A        V610WN4F800A         HY220        ATS3       800×500×1500         198
           ATS3-1000A     1000A      V610WN4F1000A         HY220        ATS3       800×500×1500         198
           ATS4-1250A     1250A      V616WN4F1250A         HY220        ATS3       800×600×1500         198
           ATS4-1600A     1600A      V616WN4F1600A         HY220        ATS3       800×600×1500         198
           ATS5-2000A     2000A      V620WN4B2000A         HY220        ATS4       1000×720×2200        350
           ATS5-2500A     2500A      V630WN4B2500A         HY220        ATS4       1000×720×2200        380
           ATS5-3150A     3150A      V630WN4B3150A         HY220        ATS5       1000×720×2200        380
           ATS6-4000A     4000A      V640WN4B4000A         HY220        ATS6            TBD             490

           IC-NT Synchronizing controller

          ● Essential load is fed by two mains feeders during normal
            operation  to  achieve  maximum  reliability  of  the  power
            delivery. Bus-tie breaker (BTB) is closed.
          ● Complex switching algorithm running in external PLC defines
            which  breakers  are  opened  and  which  are  closed
            independent on availability of two mains and gen-sets.
          ●  Reverse  synchronizing  on  both  feeders  and  on  bus-tie
            breaker  is  accomplished  by  5  InteliMainsNT  modules
            controlled by external PLC.
          ● Active and reactive load-sharing can operate in two modes:
                  ⚶ Sharing the load between all running gen-sets      ⚶ if BTB is closed
                  ⚶ Sharing the load in two independent groups           ⚶ if BTB is opened
          ● Automatic power dependant start/stop can operate in two modes as well:
                  ⚶ Running on all gen-sets    ⚶ if BTB is closed
                  ⚶ Running in two independent groups   ⚶ if BTB is opened
          ● All controllers are interconnected by one CAN bus all the time, disregarded if BTB is closed or open, no
            need for relays reconnecting the CAN bus.
          ● Complete system is remotely controlled and supervised from Control room connected via company LAN
            and IG-IB to all controllers.
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